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Armand Constant Théophile Cochefert

In his youth, Cochefert learned the German language. During his military career, he participated in the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) and was stationed in Metz. After making career in the Paris Prefecture, Cochefert made it to divisional commissioner on 7 August 1893. As such, he was involved in the arrest of Captain Alfred Dreyfus at the end of 1894. In the summer of 1894, he was appointed successor of Marie-François Goron, who retired the following year. He responded directly to Louis Puibaraud. Although not much is known about his actual activities and transnational relations, as chief of the Paris Sûreté, Cochefert directly shared information on anarchists with at least with François de Latour in Brussels and William Melville in London. Furthermore, he received visiting police officials from the Netherlands (Rotterdam and Amsterdam) and the German Empire (Berlin).

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