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Pedro Gómez Labrador, Marquis of Labrador

The Marquis de Labrador failed to successfully represent and maintain the Spanish interests at the Congress of Vienna (1815). Moreover, he also failed to negotiate the reconquest of Louisiana in the United States of America, the restauration of the Bourbon dynasty in Italy, and the Spanish rights to their overseas colonies. Because his demands on behalf of the Italian Bourbons were ignored by the Great Powers, the Marquis of Labrador refused to sign the Final Act of the Vienna Congress on June 9, 1815. Eventually, Spain ratified the Final Act on May 7, 1817. The only thing the Marquis of Labrador achieved was the Duchy of Lucca, which would be given to Maria Luisa de Bourbon, the sister of King Ferdinand VII. Concerning the Declaration on the Abolition of Slave Trade, concluded in the Final Act as well, De Labrador, as the representative of Spain, which had vested interests in the black slave trade, was very opposed to British abolitionist agendas. He told Castlereagh that the British ought to do something about Christian slavery before it could call for an end to the black slave trade.

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